Sonnyjim’s “Sunday Ragu”


What are your food memories growing up?
My grandmas cooking. Growing up I lived in a house with a big family my parents, aunts,uncles cousins etc so someone was always cooking. We didnt have money back then so the rotation would go like this, chippy on friday when everyone got paid, saturday my grandma would make the classic chicken curry,sunday/monday would be the leftovers tues/weds/thurs it was straight veg dishes then repeat the cycle.

Have you got any favourite food references in music?
“Lay the beef on his noodle / Make some luger lasagna / 40-cal fettuccine, trey-pound pasta”
“Scrilla Taker Vanilla Wafer filler baker”
“So we can steam on the way to the telly, go fill my belly
A T-bone steak, cheese eggs and Welch’s grape”

Theres loads. Ill let the readers guess what tracks those lyrics are from.

You’re a frequent fine diner, visiting some of the best restaurants in London and further afield. What’s been your favourite dish / restaurant to date and on the flip-side, what’s your go-to street food / fast food spot on them late night binges?
London maybe….Ledbury, Fera @ Claridges, Nobu, one is overwhelmed by choice in London. Further afield, Lords of the Manor is a michelin star I went to literally in the middle of fuckin’ nowhere on some private estate in Gloucester – that was dope.
Or if I’m back home I hit Simpsons of Edgbaston, thats probably my favourite place if we’re talking fine dining.
Fast food, dim sum in Chinatown maybe. I don’t really eat fast food, I’d rather skip a meal than hit a chicken cottage.

Your album is titled “Mud in My Malbec”. What food pairing would you advise for a night sipping on Malbec whilst listening to the album?
Filet Mignon. Rare. Or a beautiful Ragu prepared from scratch.

Last meal on death row?
An expensive Wagyu fillet.

I give you a seafood selection, soy sauce, limes, chilli, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, noodles, peanuts and coriander. What do you give me?
I’d ask for an egg as well, then make a Pad Thai.

The Big Rap Cookbook is a sucker for a good food bar. Finish the following food bars from yourself:
– I’m eating nacho chip chilling in the rocket ship…..about to hog roast a pig on a charcoal pit garlic dip grill the langoustine on a stick

– I got all of this and i’m still grateful, at the chef tables, watching chip cable…..eating a french bagel

– Fassi’ole, I’m real live like K def and Larry O, aggy flow ……arrgh you got me there, however pistachio would fit perfect.
(1/2 points – “… jim, i crack a rapper like pistachio” – Sonnyjim – “Paperwork”, Sole Trader EP, 2006.)

“Sonnyjims Sunday Ragu”

Ok imma hit you with authentic recipe for a beautiful ragu. It will take all day pretty much, its a sunday sauce.


  • Pork braciola
  • Beef Braciola
  • Meatballs
  • Sausages
  • Basil
  • Parsley
  • Carrot
  • Celery
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Red Wine 1 glass, good quality.
  • Butter
  • Tinned tomatoes, good quality. Fresh tomatoes will taken even longer to cook down.


“There is no hard a fast rule with the meats, essentially it needs to be a combo of pork/beef/veal. You can use whatever cuts as long as there suited to slow cooking. Use a heavy pot no cheap shit.
Heat the pan, oil/butter. Sweat the onions, celery, garlic, do not brown, just so they turn translucent.
Add the meat. First on a high heat so the meat is browned and the flavours are locked in. You can do this the other way round, brown the meat and then remove, use the rendered fat to sweat the veg, i prefer using the render.
Then add the tomatoes and leave it to simmer for hours.
Add the aromatics at the end.
When its done remove the meat from the sauce.
Serve the sauce with pasta.
The meat is eaten as a second course with veg etc.
Any sauce leftover can be frozen or used during the week.

Thank me later.”


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