Headkrack – “Kracks Frosted Flakes Mac ‘n’ Cheese”


Known for his relentless freestyle abilities during his early days as an MC, cutting his teeth on the battle circuit, Headkrack, now perfectly tip toes the line between TV media personality on Dish Nation TV and underground hip hop purist as part of the trio, Bodega Brovas. We caught up with him to see what he can whip up in the kitchen….

What was your most memorable dish as a kid?What memories of food do have growing up?
When I was in 7th grade I went to go live with my grandmother in the Bronx who put me on to Turkey Burgers. At first I thought they were hamburgers that had gone bad because the meat was a weird color. After I tried it, because of the way she seasoned it, them joints became my favorite. She would cop the ground turkey jazz it up and make them joints so thick. To this day I wish I would have gotten the recipe from her before she passed.

Have you got any favourite food bars/references in music?
Damn, I know I got a few that I’m completely drawing a blank on. I’m a advid supporter of the White Castle burger chain and always level them up by referring to them as Chateau Blanc

“…everyone’s body and workout needs are different. Short version, no bread, don’t go on a empty stomach.”


Quick fire round! –
Pancakes or French toast? Pancakes all Day!
Glazed carrots or Mashed potatoes? Glazed Carrots
BBQ spare ribs or Beef brisket? Beef Brisket!

You’re a man who likes to keep in shape – you got any advice on what to eat before you hit the gym?
Keep it light and easy. 12oz protein shake or maybe some grapes or grilled chicken breast. Such a tough call because everyone’s body and workout needs are different. Short version, no bread, don’t go on a empty stomach.

Although originally from New York, you currently call Atlanta home. What are you favourite food spots to hit up in the ATL?
This fusion spot called “Cowfish” and another spot called Vortex. They both have hardbody karate style menus that you can’t find in too many other places.

Can you complete these food bars from your fellow Bodega Brova, Travii?
possibility’s endless when we up inside the function
shorty’s got the gumption treat her like …” Mooshu Pork..Hahahahahaaaa That’s how we do!

Krack’s “Frosted Flakes Mac ‘n’ Cheese

My go to is homemade Mac and Cheese with Frosted Flakes on top. I know it sounds crazy but this goes hard.  It don’t work with box mac and cheese tho. This is for oven use only.
Before your Mac and Cheese is done baking, take it out and crush the Frosted Flakes over the tray and you can even drizzle honey lightly over it to make it bang.
You’re welcome. 


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