Sumgii -“Mac & Cheese Special Recipe”


The man responsible for the sounds behind some of the most prevalent UK MC’s at the moment, we wanted to find out what Sumgii is cooking up outside of the studio…

What was your experience of food growing up? Are there any memorable dishes from your childhood?
My Mum is Filipino and my Dad is English so dinner times were always about freshness and always home cooked. My Mum is a an amazing cook no matter what she makes. We used to eat a lot of soups including home made Tom Yum and fish soups as well as filipino specials including Adobo. If I was peckish, my Mum would make me rice with a fried egg with ketchup and soy sauce. Simple but effective. I love it lol. I still make this quick snack now. One memorable dish, and a family favourite, is my Mums roast dinners.  Slow cooked beef and cheesy leeks was included in our roasts even to this day. I know everyone says it BUT, my Mums roasts cant be beaten.  Proper plate licking meal!!

Have you got any favourite food bars/references in music?
Not really have a favourite bar I remember BUT I always love it when Illaman spits his adobo bars lol.

“I know everyone says it BUT, my Mums roasts cant be beaten.”

Quick fire round:
Toast or cereal?   TOAST
Meatballs or chicken nuggets?  MEATBALLS
Cheesecake or apple pie?    CHEESE CAKE

Last meal on death row?
Starters would be fried squid with salt and chilli.  Main meal would be a half pound beef burger with peanut butter, sweet chilli, pineapple, cheese, lettuce in a seeded brioche bun AKA the Malaysian burger.

What munch are you packing in the studio whilst making beats?
Usually a lot of sweets including and chocolate and the odd pack of quick tom yum noodles.

Can you complete these Lee Scott bars? 

“Uglier than a stoned Klingon with no bib on

NO lol.

 (answer: the horse I rode in on)

“Sumgii’s Mac & Cheese Special Recipe”

 [Quick Version]NOTE:  Make sure u use actual macaroni or celletani.  NOT PASTA SHELLS etc etc.  I hate it when people do that !!  Anyways…

1. Cook Macaroni pasta and strain.
2. Make white sauce using full Fat milk and butter adding 4 types of cheese including Mature Cheddar, Parmesan, Gruyere and Mozzarella. Season with salt and pepper and add a tea spoon of english mustard.  Make sure its not too watery
3. Add the cooked pasta to the sauce and place in baking dish
4. Sprinkle crush croutons OR breadcrumbs on top
5.  Slice a fresh tomato and place a few on top
6. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until the bread crumbs are starting to brown and the cheese is bubbly THEN quickly Grill until tomatoes, cheese and bread crumbs look Golden Brown.

Try adding cooked meats into the mix. And Tabasco.


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