The Doppelgangaz -“The Dopps Simple Steak”

The Doppelgangaz

The Doppelgangaz vs Action Bronson, Dopp vs Bronsolini, Gangaz vs Action, who are the king of the food bars? This is a regular discussion at random eateries amongst the Big Rap Cookbook team so we hit up a couple Gangaz to put their case forward. They were also kind enough to bless us with their Simple Steak recipe because, simplicity is sometimes the most beautiful thang!  

We got to know – where does the love of food come from and what made you start including so many gourmet bars in your tracks?
EP: For me, and it’s no shots, but I wasn’t brought up in the most culinarily-inclined family. However, my parents did like to go to a nice restaurant every once in a while and I remember knowing to appreciate it. It made me want to learn more about food and the complexities of preparation and presentation, etc. The other thing was that the Food Network was always on in my house. I used to love watching Rachel Ray because she’d turn around to go into the fridge and you could see that thang in all it’s glory. Made me the man I am today. As far as including food related terms and phrases, I think we realized how many crazy words were in the food world and that they were words that other artists weren’t using. The food and medical world have so much to offer linguistically.
MOF: My pops throws down crazy so he’s definitely the reason why I love food so much. But yea, we always like to incorporate interesting words into our lyrics and the food world is chock full of them.

Apart from your own – have you got any favourite food references in music?
EP: I love crab legs so a personal favorite is Roc Marciano’s “Pelle’s butter soft, crabs in butter sauce”. Just a fun line to recite especially while eating crab.
MOF: When Big Pun said “If I ain’t blazing something with the Mack/ I’m in the shack baking muffins.” The thought of Pun having a shack dedicated to baking always made a Ganga chuckle.

Quick Fire Round
Ponzu or Malt vinegar
MOF: Ponzu poppin.
EP: I’m going with Ponzu. I’m big on the salty yet citrus nature of it.

Braised beets or Kale?
EP: I’ve really gotten into beets in the last few years. Love ‘em.
MOF: I’m gonna have to go with beets.

Corona or Becks?
EP: Probably have to go with a Corona. Throw a lime in it!
MOF: I agree corona.

Carnitas or Beef brisket?
EP: I never really craved carnitas, but our boy Scoob had a whole spread of carnitas tacos once and it was like a lightbulb went off like “breh why aren’t you eating more of this?” The burnt crunch of the outside with the moist inside along with the high fat content. Doesn’t get any better mami.
MOF: Word gotta eat some carnitas tacos at least 5 times a month.

Abalone or Langoustines?
EP: Going with Langoustines. Love lobster and I also like their cousin langoustine too.
MOF: Langoustines all day.

Asiago or Aged parmigiano?
EP: That aged parmigiano. Classic.
MOF: I agree

Top 3 meals you had on tour (or top 5 if it’s too much of a squeeze)?
EP: We had damn near everything off the menu at this Turkish spot in Austria that was so delicious. Wish I could remember the restaurant name. We had grilled meats, hummus, veggies, soup, you name it. Not one thing was bad. That always stands out for me. A staple for us is to always go to Beef Brothers in Cologne because they have such a neat, crisp flavor profile to their burgers and they’re crafted with care. Our boy and tour manager Dirk always takes us to this really nice steakhouse in Karlsruhe, Germany which is always on point too.

“Cus once she starts rubbing her big toe against her index toe, you know it’s bout to go down.”

Ever eaten any crazy rarities?
EP: We ate kangaroo in Germany at this weird buffet spot once. Shit was random as hell. The promoter hyped it up but wasn’t good. I don’t even remember what the kangaroo tasted like.
MOF: I happen to be a 2nd generation Jamaican and conceptually cow cod soup is crazy to me. A soup made from a bulls Johnson and Johnson that’s supposed to make your Johnson and Johnson strong. I was fed this as a youth unknowingly but couldn’t mess with it once I became hip to what it was.

If you gotta choose one cuisine to eat everyday for the rest of your lives – Italian or Mexican?
EP: Damn, why you gotta pose such a difficult question? This is like really difficult. I think I’m going to go with Mexican only because I feel, and I could be wrong, that there might be more choices with the flavor profiles so I won’t get bored as quickly. Again, I could be wrong, but in my head I’m thinking I can do hot plates of mexican traditional dishes, tacos/burritos, ceviches or seafood soups and tortas. That was really hard to do though. Feel like I let people down making that decision.
MOF: I’m going to Stephen A your Max Kellerman now and pick Italian. I’d honestly be cool with either or for the rest of my life though.

You got a shawty over at the crib…how you gonna wine and dine her? Or you just gonna shark her straight off the bat?
EP: Sharking probably straight off the bat, but if I can restrain myself, I think I’d do something very simple and clean. Maybe a fish dish. Pan seared with beautifully roasted veggies and a light sauce. Nice presentation paired with a really rare bottle of wine like a 90 Chave. Hopefully I’d knock her socks off! Cus once she starts rubbing her big toe against her index toe, you know it’s bout to go down.
MOF: Sharking off rip but if it’s a special night I might have some curry goat and sorrel ready to go. Might even have some bread pudding ready for dessert.

We’re all about food bars here and we wanted to test you on some more elite level shit… Can you complete these bars?

My man had a chick and thought she was finger lickin, I know her style …
EP: Not sure I know this one
MOF: that’s why I’m vegetarian. Jeru aghhhhh

He eat rappers like part of a complete breakfast Your rhymes ain’t worth the weight of …
MOF: They rhymes ain’t worth the weight of they cheap necklace. DOOOOOOM

Everything Gucci the bitch gave me coochie Young Based God never…
EP: fed my bitch sushi. Swag! Basedgod!

The Dopp’s “Simple Steak”

A very simple steak preparation with sautéed veggies. More about the quality of ingredients than abundance.

A nice Prime cut of ribeye with great marbling. Go to your butcher or order from a sought after company that offers prime cuts.

Salt and pepper generously and if youʼd like, jazz it up with other spices like paprika or garlic powder, but with a prime piece of steak all thatʼs really needed is salt and pepper.

Get your pan screaming hot. You have to see smoke coming from the pan. Donʼt get scared by it. Also make sure your steak has come to room temperature.

Sear each side for about 3-4 minutes and render some of the fat down on the other sides as well. Weʼre looking for a nice medium, but cook to whatever preference you choose.

However once you switch to the second side, throw in some butter, whole garlic and fresh thyme while basting the meat for the remainder of the cooking period.

Remove your steak and let it rest for at least 5 minutes. 10 – 15 is probably better so the juices can evenly distribute back into the meat.

While thatʼs resting deglaze your pan with a nice white wine or even a cooking wine to release all of that charred goodness. Take your fresh or microwaved frozen veggies and add them to your reduction letting them cook down for a bit.

A very simple one pan meal that should be quite tasty.


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