Dirty Dike – “Dike’s Back Alley Pescatarian Porkless Curry”

Dirty Dike

What were your memories of food growing up and do you have any memorable dishes from your childhood?

Errrrmm, I used to eat sugar sandwiches when I was 5. Like 2 bits of white bread, buttered, with sugar sprinkled all in. Fucking dirt bag.

Have you got any favourite food bars in music?

“It’s my press kit, dead sick
Fuckin a chick with an asbestos covered breadstick” ~Necro.

Tell us a bit about your fruit and veg selling days.

I sold fruit and veg for a bit. It was weak.

Your albums are full of food references…from pork pies to pints of gin. What’s the connection between food and rap for you?

There isn’t one really. I suppose foods just a massive part of everyday life so I guess it gets talked about. It’s probably one of the most everyday obvious things to come up in anything ever. Everyone eats food right?

Are there any eating spots in Cambridge/London/around the world you want to give a shout out to?

Not really, London’s full of over priced bullshit that a child could make, complete with a Victorian class room for ambience. The best place I’ve eaten out was on a beach in Sri Lanka, I don’t even know if it was a real restaurant. Haha.

I like to cook myself, it’s mad fun, and you don’t come away feeling like a cunt who’s had the piss taken out of him by some unprofessional hipster child.

Can you complete these food bars from your old mate Jam Baxter?

“A fit miss shrouded the wreckage
Skyline lookin’ like a lit …
You can fill your face but make yourself scarce when the kid gets peckish”


Dike’s Back Alley Pescatarian Porkless Curry

I’m just gonna go straight in with the method.
Take 2 cod fillets (or whatever fish you’re in to) and chop into sort of thumb size chunks. Chuck them in a bowl with a pinch of Himalayan rock salt, squeeze in a whole lime and grate a bit of it’s zest in there, then add one tsp of turmeric and give it a nasty look. Mix all together, cover bowl with cling film and shove it in the fridge for an hour while you make the sauce.
Sauce: Finely chop an onion and chuck it in a big pan with a little bit of groundnut oil. When onions soften, smash two cardamon pods and chuck em in, throw in a small handful of curry leaves, then add a whole red chilli (or 2 depending on your preference) 1x tsp of mustard seed, 1x tap of fenugreek seed, 1x tsp of ground cumin. Fry and stir that shit for about 8 mins till it goes a bit dry and the spices start to fuck with the back of your throat.
Then add about 10 roughly chopped cherry tomatoes and about a tsp of tamarind syrup, quick stir, let the toms bring it all back to moist life again. Add 300ml (save the last 100ml for the rice) of rich coconut milk, mix that in, put the lid on and let it simmer for 15.
Meanwhile boil some basmati rice with the remaining coconut oil and water (make sure you wash that rice first yo!)
Take out the fish from the fridge that you prepared earlier. Chuck it all in the sauce you got bubbling for about 10 mins or until your chunks of fish are cooked. Turn the whole shit off and let that residual heat take care of it.
Drain the rice and serve with a bit of ripped up coriander thrown at it.



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