Res Ones “Next Day Potato Fritter Cook-Up”

What were your memories of food growing up and do you have any memorable dishes from your childhood?
I’ve got good memories of food as a kid. My mum would get me and my sister helping out with cooking from a pretty young age but I was raised a vegetarian until about eleven so shit was always pretty creative.  My mum would freestyle a lot of the meals we ate but always made some sort of goodness.  My dad however was more of a mixer though and would throw anything together and make me and my sister eat it without question. He did teach me how to make a good lasagna though but that’s a recipe for another time.
Have you got any favorite food bars in music?
I think the best food track in hip hop is Paro’s “12 Oz Steak”. The whole track is filled with food quote-ables.  “It’s the fridge raider, two foot sandwich maker, stub it out I’ll come back to my spliff later”

I’ll start a brawl with a sucker punch, just so I can sneak out of the pub with a pint and some suckers lunch”

Also I used to watch Paro eat unnatural amounts of munch in one sitting so I know the tracks the truth.
What are some of the stand out dishes you’ve eaten on your travels around Europe?
Calamari on the beach out in Croatia was pretty stand out but that might of also been  the setting.  Anytime i’ve been out in Bern, Switzerland, the team at the Dachstocke always put on a good spread for us. Its hard to find stand out meals when you love most of the food you eat.  The food in Ukraine was probably the most interesting/different to my usual diet. They eat a lot of meats and cold soup, but the Red Borscht soup was my favorite.  Also its mad cheap for a three course meal there so eating is no problem.
The other real stand out meal wasn’t in Europe however. I was in Williamsburg, NYC at my friend Theosyn’s apartment with my Cacoon Movement family and we ordered a vegan Vietnamese meal.  I couldnt tell you the names of the dishes we ate but that one stuck with me.  The way they replicated meat in the dumplings was insane. Shouts to Theosyn for the hookup.
If you had to pick one cuisine to eat for the rest of your life what would it be?
Mediterranean cuisine hands down. Probably Greek to be specific. I’m a big fan of sea food and light dishes, salads etc. My greek homies know how to make a serious kebab as well, not the pigeon filled, seagull type kebabs you’d find on front lines in the U.K but real bad boy wraps you can’t match on our shores.
Are there any food spots you want to give a shout out to in Bristol or around the world?
I’d like to give a shout out to my guy Will who owns Biblos in Bristol. Ive done a bit of painting in one of his restaurants and hes hooked me up with the food on many a broke occasion.  Also shouts to my sister whos currently running a food van on a campsite in Dorset. Keep smashin it sistren!
Can you complete Mystro’s food bars from your track together in 2013?
“the phantom menace getting love as if hes bad at tennis, keep the cabbage shredded take your bud and leave a…” bag of lettuce

Shouts to Mysdiggi too hes one of the illest.

Res Ones “Next Day Potato Fritter Cookup” (For 2)

bowl of mash/last nights potato’s
x2 tomatos cut in half, salt and peppered.
x3 eggs
handfull of grated cheese
large bowl of purple chard, chopped into strips
x 2 clove of garlic
knob of butter
chilli flakes

First off take your four seasoned tomato halves and put under the grill. These take a while but should be cooked slow.
Add some chilli flakes if ya want or brown sugar to level out.
Take the Potato and and mash it (if not already mashed) in a large bowl.
Then take the whites from one of the eggs and beat it into the bowl.
Once the egg white is mixed through the potato, add the handful of cheese, a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper.


You then make take the mash mix and make yourself two large pancake shaped fritters, about an inch thick and four inches in diameter and let sit.

Next take a slice of butter (generous) and add to a small pan on a low heat until the butter melts. Wash your mushrooms and add to the pan.


You then peel one of the garlic cloves, smash it slightly with the side of your knife and add this to the mushrooms. Let them cook slowly until the end.

Whilst this is happening, if your a top multi-tasker like myself, you should of put on a large frying pan with a tbl spoon of olive oil in and turned it up so the oil is hot enough to crisp and not absorb into the potato fritters.


Add the fritters and only turn when the first side is crispy, fucking with them leads to a bad breakfast.

You then take another frying pan out and add the rest of your butter on a slow heat. Add the purple chard and let it sweat for about a minute turning over to cover in the butter.

Then add the last bulb of garlic (finely our roughly chopped its on you) and the chilli flakes and cook on slow heat for another minute/minute thirty.


As soon as your chard is starting to look like its going to get soggy, push it to one side and fry both the eggs in the same pan (if possible).

Finally you plate up your mushrooms, put
your fritter on that, then the chard and the egg last so it soaks through.
Take your tomato’s out of the grill last and enjoy! Wak Mo

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