The complete list of Food References on “Blue Chips 7000”

The complete list of Food References on “Blue Chips 7000”

Rapper, chef, TV personality, cookbook author, food enthusiast, eater – it’s hard to argue that Action Bronson doesn’t hold the torch when it comes to food references in rap. As fans of the food bar, we await each BamBam release with a keen ear to catch a culinary shout out. With that said, here’s a menu of food references from Action Bronson’s long awaited new LP, “Blue Chips 7000”.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below…..


“Sign big deals with yamakas on and suede gloves/
It’s safe to say your boy done came up
So much lobster on the plane, the plane won’t stay up”

“My bloodline predate aardvark and large shark/
And cooking flesh over charred bark”

“This is Bluechips 7 not Usher/
Big muskets get squeezed like mustard”

“La Luna”

“Cus i’m sick of this shit/
Motherfuckers sweeter than a liquorice stick”

“Asian shooter with the blunt hair, streetfighter character/
Fuck around, suplex them through the salad bar”

“Champagne dripping down the beard hair/
Super model sucking while I stare”

“The Chairman’s Intent”

“Same outfit everyday like a cartoon (that’s me!)/
Uh, they’ll never find you in a shark soup/”

“Draw blood, I’m already made/
But little man will cut your face like a wedding cake/”

“Uh, I started clapping when the chef brought the duck to the table/
Uh, that shit was shining like an Angel/”

“Hot Pepper” featuring Meyhem Lauren & Jah Tiger

“Like Tom Hanks with the soccer ball, you’ll get turned into a Taco/
(Uh) They thought Body was Bruce Willis in Morocco/
Like I said they’ll never find you in the pot roast
(They’ll never find you in the pot roast)”

Meyhem Lauren

“Splash Disaronno in the coffee/
This watch is costly, I tell the time with your salary”


“It’s been a minute but your boy back with it/
Time to enjoy my chicken/
Motherfucker this is big business/
My product banging like a big biscuit”

“I’m always eating dinner/
Still got the body of a swimmer”

“Let It Rain”

“Your pockets slim pickings/
Lay em out like grilled chicken”

“It’s been an hour but that blunt still hitting like a champion/
Eating scampi with Batali, 50ft from the Pantheon”

“Standing in front of McDonalds throwing bottles”

“My Right Lung”

“I don’t like the term of the deal do better on the digits/
My Colombian princes will come and hit you with scissors in the neck until it look like Twizzlers”

“TANK” featuring Big Body Bes

“Why this blunt taste like starburst?/
And why your girl cheating on your with a player from The San Diego Chargers/”

“Let Me Breathe”


“9-24-7000” ft. Rick Ross

“Only compare me to Kevin Spacey or Ruben Blades
The blunts fat like two Tamales”

“Dog I hit the best of em, motherfuck the rest of em/
Well now I’m nestled in the tesla eating pretzels, huh?/

Rick Ross

“I love my rude bitches, end up as new bitches/
Skipping school bitches, cooking me food bitches/

“The Choreographer”

“50k in a swim trunk/
In a brown paper bag like a kids lunch/
Thug Passion in a sippy cup”

“Chop Chop Chop”


Durag Vs Headband ft. Big Body Bes

“Big steak like a Jeep tire/
Season up some biceps and throw ’em in deep fryer/”

“Fuck That’s Delicious on box set/
Me and my mans smoking on big drugs and feasting on the ox leg”

“Hundreds pounds of C4 in a stroller/
Z4’s roll up, shits cold, I think I need a ricola/”


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