Headkrack – “Kracks Frosted Flakes Mac ‘n’ Cheese”

Headkrack Known for his relentless freestyle abilities during his early days as an MC, cutting his teeth on the battle circuit, Headkrack, now perfectly tip toes the line between TV media personality on Dish Nation TV and underground hip hop purist as part of the trio, Bodega Brovas. We caught up with him to see […]

Booda’s “Ginger Chilli Soy Salmon Noodles”

Booda French What were your memories of food growing up? And how have your tastes developed as you’ve got older? Pre-child of divorce memories of food was a Family Sunday roast after watching my dad playing sunday league football. Post-DivorcedParentsSingleParentChildhood memories were just eating for survival. My old man only had a tuna bake in […]